Signet Locks Pivot Hinge Range

A pivot is an underestimated component within a hinge which assists door safety. Pivots make the turning mechanism of each hinge plate and bearing easy.

Our three main pivot options are displayed below, consisting of a top pivot ball bearing, bottom pivot ball bearing and bottom pivot with taper roller bearing, make sure you select the correct size when purchasing. Pivot components, such as our pivot set, base pin, base plate and more, are excellent quality designed to meet your hardware requirements.

If you’re looking to buy pivots in bulk, we have the stock, simply select the image above to get a quote today. If you would like to find out more information about any of our products contact our experts.

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  • Base_pivot_pin_61049

    Base pivot pin

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  • Bottom_pivot_with_ball_bearing_86495

    Bottom pivot with ball bearing

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  • Bottom_pivot_with_taper_roller_bearing_34661

    Bottom pivot with taper roller bearing

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  • Pivot_pin_base_plate_99551

    Pivot pin base plate

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  • Pivot_set_94688

    Pivot set

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  • Pivot set with bar

    Pivot set with bar

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  • Top_pivot_with_ball_bearing_89365

    Top pivot with ball bearing

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